PPOur Organisation consists of groups of women from different countries and nationalities. We have a Board of Trustees, an Executive Committee and various Standing Committees that take care of the preparations of the yearly events. The Committees are changed yearly during the Annual General Meeting.

The Standing Committees report directly to the Executive Committee. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the smooth running of the Organisation.

Our Organisation meets monthly to plan the upcoming events and to plan the visits of our Charity Committee to the various charities we support.



Provide opportunities for rendering services to existing Nigerian charities and institutions by organising the  annual fundraising event “SMALL WORLD”.
Provide means to come together for social, cultural, educational and recreational purposes during the preparation of the event and the event itself.




Any national or international women’s group/club can participate in the event, which is fully voluntary.

You can also send a mail to chairperson@localhost

Our Sponsors

Which are numerous, help us, not only in cash, but also in kind, by providing materials, manpower and services needed to organise the event, as well as donating directly to ‘our’ charities.

Our Expenses

Are covered by selling advert space in the programme. This allows us to donate the proceeds from tickets and corporate donations to the various charities.


How do we decide on the benefiting charities?


The criteria used have been tested and changed over the years to ensure a fair working system. Every participating group or country sponsoring a food booth proposes a charity within Nigeria. They also give a second, backup choice in case the same charity is nominated by more than one group. This prevents a charity from receiving a double allocation, which would be unfair on the other nominated charities. Each charity nominated receives the same amount. The executive committee reserves the right to appoint additional extra charities if the money raised during the event allows for this.


The charity committee visits as many of the charities as possible to ensure their sincerity and needs. The proposing/nominating groups are requested to monitor the disbursement of the allocation, and the charities are requested to give proper accounts of the money spent.


So far we are happy with the control we have over the money disbursed, which gives us the strength and pleasure to continue this worthwhile project.