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Father Charles Maria Udogu

St. Anthony Nursery and Primary School (MIM School)

St. Anthony School began on 2nd October 2014 by Franciscan Friars in Ijebu- Igbo, Ogun State. The school’s primary objective is providing qualitative education for the poor children in the interior and remote villages where young children can easily attend the school without traveling long distances. The school has classes from Kg 1 & 2 to Basic IV. The School has only 4 classes with 120 pupils and 5 teachers. Children from 5 villages of Aba Oju Ona, Dandola, Demowo, Ajibandele and Ibarisi, ages 3 to 10 attend the school. 5 Classes are still under construction and the SW funds will go towards completion of the old and new classroom blocks of the school,benches and writing desks for the students.