Nigeria IWS,

Abimbola Ademola-Bawaallah, NKOLI OGBOLU

Skills Acquisition Centre

 20 years ago... IWS established the skills acquisition training for the youth: Catering & Events Management,  Sewing & Fashion Design, Hairdressing & Salon Services, Adult Literacy Course, Computer Studies & Photography.

Through the changing years, impressive improvements have been made through the interventions of 8 Chairpersons. The project has over 1,500 alumni members called ISCAA (IWS SKILLS CENTRE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION).
The Centre instituted various schemes such as ISCAA, GIT (Guest Instructor Thursday), Adire week, participated in Africa Fashion Week 2017, GTB Food festival and various excursions to Eko Atlantic City and the annual Walkathon outreach. The Centre is accredited to the National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB). Students can work anywhere in the world with NABTEB certificates. This year funds will go towards refurbishments of the building.