Nigeria Loron


Tabitha House

Tabitha Home is a residential and supported housing that cater for the needs and welfare of vulnerable kids, located at No 2 Kole Drive, Joyce Broad Ring Road, Ibadan. Tabitha Home was born out of the desire to give support to orphans and vulnerable children in a conducive home environment. Beneficiaries of this facility are orphans, neglected, abandoned, street children, and children with other vulnerability status. Their vision has been the sustainable development of these children with the intent of securing a better future for them. Their core values are in child development, capacity building and empowerment. These are given through the various supports; Education, Protection, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Medical care, psychosocial support which includes skill acquisition and entrepreneurship.This is to prepare them for self-reliance, self-actualization, independence and integration. They have an ongoing building project which is proposed to accommodate more children and also a skill acquisition centre.